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Job creation in France offer


Data Subscription & Fund Creation

The data subscription gives access to all the data collected by Humpact on nearly 280 companies listed in Paris: see our Data box.

This data allows for the creation of funds on the theme of employment in France or sub-themes such as youth employment, disability, gender equality, etc.

It also drives the revitalisation of French equity funds by transforming them into responsible or impact funds (Article 8 and 9) with the help of the theme of job creation in France.

The data is useful for implementing an investment strategy (definition of exclusion or stock selection rules) and ensuring adequate reporting.

The subscription includes technical and marketing support from the Humpact team during the design phase and the life of the products.

Pricing : subscription or shared management fee

Création de fonds emploi et abonnements
Audit de portefeuille et Mesure d'impact

Portfolio Audit & Impact Measurement

This service is intended for investors (asset owners) or portfolio managers (asset managers). It provides for the analysis of the impact of a portfolio of French shares on employment in France and its different sub-themes: job creation, youth, seniors, people with disabilities, parity. Following the analysis, Humpact produces a report on the portfolio’s contribution to employment.

It can also be used to supplement traditional customer reporting with one-off impact measurements.

Pay-as-you-go pricing


Engagement surveys

An engagement survey consists of carrying out a thematic study (e.g. employment of senior citizens), analysing the contribution of a small number of companies in a portfolio to this theme, engaging in dialogue with them to validate the analysis and setting objectives to improve their contribution over a period of 3 to 5 years.

Humpact undertakes this type of study.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Études d'engagement emploi

A few words about Data

The subscription to Humpact Emploi France data gives access to all the data, indicators and scores designed by Humpact. It also allows the follow-up of redundancy plans, controversies and access to company files and interviews.

Each year we collect employment data from nearly 280 listed companies in France and identify companies with a positive impact on employment in France through our rating methodology.


Universe analysed

All companies listed in Paris with a capitalisation of more than €100 million and employing more than 250 people in France. The 280 companies analysed represent 96% of the capitalisation of the Paris market and employ nearly 2.5 million people locally and 5 million outside France.


Themes analysed

To date, our objective is to measure the impact of the rated companies on the following 11 themes: net job creation, entry into employment of young people, maintaining employment of seniors, inclusion of people with disabilities, gender equality, quality of employment, value sharing, transparency, commitment to the SDGs, diversity, purchasing policies.


Methodology used

Each year, we collect the information published in the CSR report in order to construct 60 quantitative and 90 qualitative indicators that allow us to score companies on the 11 themes listed above and to rank them by decreasing impact according to a weighting detailed in the methodology.


Contact with companies

On completion of the data collection, a questionnaire is sent to each company analysed to allow them to modify or add information on any of the themes. This is an opportunity to engage in dialogue and to better understand their strategy and policies.


Analysis of controversies

Each month, we identify new ‘social’ controversies and analyse the impact of each controversy on the rating of the companies concerned. The list of identified controversies is provided to our clients as part of the data subscription.


Access to company files

Each company is the subject of a searchable file.