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Humpact Job Awards 2020

listed companies

For the first time, the Humpact Emploi France 2020 Grand Prix rewards companies that create jobs and have implemented the most virtuous social policies in France.

The results are presented by category: Humpact Emploi France (winner in all categories), Gender parity, Youth, Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Humpact Job Awards 2020

hermes logo blanc

n°1 - Hermès

Hermès won first place, thanks to the comprehensiveness of its actions across all Humpact universe themes and its remarkable transparency.

Its 8% increase in the number of employees over the last two years is favourable to employment in France.

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n°2 - Sopra Steria

Second place was awarded for Sopra Steria’s very good HR practices regarding the employment of young people, people with disabilities and job quality.

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n°3 - TF1

In third place, TF1 stands out for its excellent employment rate for young people.

A word from the winners

The prize awarded by Humpact honours us and is a recognition of our artisanal model, which is based on a strong territorial anchorage and social commitment.

We are convinced that the sustainable development of any region depends on the creation of permanent skilled jobs and access to training that will enable economic development and social inclusion, particularly for people who are excluded from employment. There can be no creation of economic value without creation of social value

Olivier Fournier - Gagnant Hermès
Olivier Fournier
Managing director, Governance and Organisational development, Hermès

We are pleased to have our HR policy recognised by the Humpact Emploi France Grand Prix.

We strive to provide our employees with a working environment in which everyone can grow, develop their skills and progress.

Convinced that the collective and diversity are a source of wealth, we are resolutely committed to inclusion and conduct a social policy based on the principle of equal opportunity.


Gender Parity Category

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1. L’Oréal

L’Oréal holds the top spot because of its advantageous gender policies, illustrated by quantified and evaluated objectives. In 2019, women represent 70% of the total workforce, including 64% of management.

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2. FDJ

In 2019, 40.9% of FDJ’s managers were women, with a total of 42.9% of the workforce being women. FDJ’s ambition is to achieve total parity in this area. To do this, the company has an internal network, ‘À Elles de Jouer’, which supports women in developing their potential.

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3. Icade

As a signatory to a professional equality agreement and strong commitments, Icade also provides its employees with access to elaborate parenthood support mechanisms.

A word from the winners

We are very proud to have received this award for our efforts in this area,says L’Oréal

loreal logo

FDJ is proud of the score awarded by Humpact to its social policy and, in particular, to its commitment to professional equality between women and men.

This evaluation illustrates FDJ’s desire to develop an ambitious human resources policy and to achieve and maintain a high level of extra-financial performance.

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Youth Category

icade logo

1. Icade

Icade stands out for its dynamic and inclusive social policies, in particular its commitment to young people excluded from the labour market and come from priority neighbourhoods in the city as part of the Paqte.

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2. Wavestone

Wavestone stands out for its flexibility and the reaffirmation of its role as a major employer of young graduates following the measures taken in their favour during the COVID crisis.

TF1 logo

3. TF1

TF1 saw its number of employees under the age of 25 increase by 20% in 2019.

A word from the winners

We are very proud to say that we are a responsible employer, especially as the context was not conducive to recruitment. The health crisis gave us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, with the desire to place the well-being of our employees at the heart of our HR issues and to contribute to having a positive impact on employment.


Seniors Category

safran logo

1. Safran

Safran’s objective of having 15% of employees aged 55 and over as part of the total workforce has been exceeded, reaching 20.1% in 2019. Measures to help employees reaching the end of their careers have also been put in place (schedule adjustments, subsidised part-time work, etc…).

fleury michon logo

2. Fleury Michon

At Fleury Michon, in 2019, 35.8% of the Group’s employees in France were aged 50 or over and 19.4% were aged 55 or over. A company-wide agreement includes measures to prevent arduous work and to make the transition to retirement easier.

ID logistics logo

3. ID Logistics

ID Logistics’ commitment to hiring and retaining senior employees is accompanied by measures to help them make the transition to retirement.


People with Disabilities Category

fleury michon logo

1. Fleury Michon

Fleury Michon has taken a number of concrete measures, collaborated with associations and worked with CAP Emploi and Agefiph, winning first place with a direct employment rate of 10% of people with disabilities in 2019. 

stef logo

2. Stef

STEF has a long history of social dialogue and actions in favour of people with disabilities. The company does not focus solely on the employment of people with disabilities, but on the employment of young people with disabilities, integration, support and internal mobility.

bel logo

3. Bel

The group is in third place with 7.7% of disabled people in 2019. Bel uses specialised networks to source candidates with disabilities, such as

A word from the winners

« Fleury Michon is very proud to be awarded the first Humpact Emploi France Grand Prix. These awards recognise the commitment of our teams and our human progress approach, which aims to facilitate the integration and maintain the employability of our senior employees and those with disabilities.»