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Humpact Job Awards 2022

Listed companies

And the winners are...


Grand Prix Emploi France

The Humpact Emploi France Prize is awarded to the most employment-friendly company in France in 2021, all categories included, that stands out in terms of job creation and good social practices. 


To support the Group’s transition and work towards a more decarbonized and inclusive world, ENGIE is counting on the richness and diversity of its talent.

Elise MAURY, Associate Human Resources Director in charge of Talent and Diversity at ENGIE

ENGIE was nominated with : 


Gender Parity

The Humpact Gender Parity Prize rewards the company with the best gender parity policy in France in 2022.

In 2021, Schneider Electric has renewed its commitment to gender diversity with the 50/40/30* KPI, which is one of the 12 objectives that make up the Schneider Sustainability Impact 2021-2025, and which reflects each of the 6 sustainable development commitments defined by the United Nations […].

Dominique LAURENT, Human Resources Director at Schneider Electric France

Schneider Electric was nominated with : 



The Humpact Youth Prize rewards the company with the best youth employment policy in France in 2022.

Nominated companies in this category :  


The prize awarded by Humpact honors us and is a recognition of our actions for the development of youth employment. We are committed to convincing the younger generation to join us. It is a real challenge for our group, for its durability and for its dynamism.

Patricia MAVIGNER, Managing Director of Thermador Groupe
Adrien LEAL RECIO, Digital Communication Manager

Thermador Groupe was nominated with : 



The Humpact Seniors Prize rewards the company with the best senior employment policy in France in 2022.

More than ever in a tight labor market, it is our responsibility, on the one hand, to retain our employees by projecting the possibility of a career and therefore our ability to support them for as long as possible, particularly through ergonomic studies, work organization adjustments or job adaptations.
Secondly, to preserve our know-how and, above all, to ensure that it is passed on, by making the most of the experience acquired by our oldest employees for the benefit of the youngest, thus facilitating their integration, their increase in competence and the development of the profession.

Renaud BOUET, Director of Human Resources at ID Logistics

ID Logistics was nominated with : 


People with Disabilities

The Humpact People with Disabilities Prize rewards the company with the best disabled workers policy in France in 2022.

We are very pleased with this award, which encourages our commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities in our company. This recognition was made possible thanks to the involvement of all the Group’s employees, in particular the management, human resources departments and disability advisors. The employability and security of our employees’ career paths is one of our priority areas of work in order to encourage professional displacement.
Strong in our differences, Rich in our talents.

Céline MARCINIAK, Director of Social Responsibility – HRD at STEF

STEF was nominated with : 

Something new!

This year, Humpact also rewards it’s favourites! 
French and European companies with virtuous initiatives. 
See you on December 6th to discover our analysts’ favourites! 


Favorite companie France

The Humpact Favorite Companie France Prize rewards the most innovative company on social policies in France in 2022.

280 Sociétés cotées (2)

Today, employees are in a permanent race against the clock… The border between personal and professional life is getting thinner and thinner. Time is running out. At the same time, we are more and more in search of meaning. By introducing the 4-day week, we wanted to give the LDLC Group’s employees some breathing space. This day is an invitation to real rest, to take a step back. A time for oneself that allows one to come back to work full of freshness, energy and desire!
This Coup de Cœur award confirms that we are on the right track and that we must continue in this direction to share our experience and convince more and more actors that with confidence everything is possible.

Olivier de la CLERGERIE, CEO and co-founder of the LDLC Group


Favorite companie Europe

The Humpact Favorite companie Europe rewards the most innovative company on social policies on social policies in Europe.

280 Sociétés cotées (3)

This recognition honors all those committed to accelerating SAP’s diversity and inclusiveness. As a deeply European company, SAP is committed to fighting inequality across all geographies. Our role as a company is to do everything we can to allow everyone’s talent to express itself. This “Coup de Cœur Europe” award for our Autism at Work program is proof of our shared vision for human progress.  
SAP has been committed to the employment and integration of people with autism spectrum disorders for nearly 10 years. Today, we welcome nearly 180 neurodivergent people within the SAP group in 16 countries and among 140 teams. These employees contribute to SAP’s success in over 28 different roles. Contrary to popular belief, we do not only employ people with autism with a technical background. Some work in finance, HR, sales support.  We all learn from each other and this is how we innovate every day within our company […]

Caroline GARNIER, Human Resources Director at SAP France and Morocco



In a first step, the analysts select 15 companies with the best 2022 scores in the Humpact universe, whose rating is based on more than 150 quantitative and qualitative social criteria (data from 2018 to 2021).


In each category (gender equality, young people, seniors and disabled people), the analysts benchmark the social performance figures and the human resources policies (public practices, meetings with companies) in order to distinguish the best players.


Only the companies that are most transparent about their social data and practices are selected. Employment data for France must be available.


Any company that is subject to a redundancy plan or a major employment controversy is excluded from the Humpact Emploi France Grand Prix.

« We are very proud to acknowledge French companies that participate in the enrichment of employment quality in France. Our ambition is to encourage investors to favour companies that implement ambitious policies, (re)creating national jobs, particularly for young people, seniors and people with disabilities.»
André Coisne, Fondateur et CEO d'Humpact
André Coisne
humpact Founder