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France Jobs Funds

Talence Gestion

Talence Humpact Emploi France

Talence Humpact Emploi France is a pioneering equity fund focusing on employment in France. It has a dual objective of performance and sustainable investment. The fund seeks to deliver a net annualised performance above the CAC All Tradable NR index by investing in French companies (large and mid-caps) while seeking a positive impact on job creation in France and the social policies implemented by the companies in the portfolio.

BFT Investment Managers

BFT France Emploi ISR

BFT France Emploi ISR combines the search for performance with the intention of generating an indirect positive impact on employment in France. Through its investments, the fund supports national companies that act in favour of job creation and pay particular attention to environmental, social and governance issues.

PALATINE asset Management

Palatine France Emploi Durable

Palatine has transformed its Uni-Hoche fund to give it new impulse by making sustainable employment in France a key investment focus. Stock selection is based on Humpact data. Thus, Palatine France Emploi Durable combines the twofold quest to generate financial performance while providing social added value. Through this new investment discipline, Palatine aims to give meaning and long-term value to its clients’ investments.