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About Humpact

Bringing the human back

Humpact’s mission is to show that it is possible to combine economic success and fair transition in France and Europe. We provide investors, whether institutional or individual, with the tools they need to understand the social impact of their investments.

Environnemental (E)​

Companies everywhere are feeling the pressure due to the climate emergency, driving them to turn their attention to the environmental impact of their investments. Actions are constant and measures are in place.

Social (S)

Significant effort remains to be made on the social aspect. It is not just a question of looking at employment from a macro point of view, but of addressing the following issues: training for young people, inclusion of people with disabilities, keeping older people in employment and respect for parity.​

We created Humpact to meet this challenge.

Governance (G)

Management committee structure, control procedures and transparency in decision-making are criteria to which we are already attentive.

Helping responsible investors to measure the social impact of their investments

“I am convinced that employment – quality, stable jobs, open to all – is the main driver of corporate social impact. Jobs create activity and social ties. Jobs are a fantastic vector of inclusion. Jobs improve purchasing power and bring stability to people in precarious situations... It contributes to the prosperity of each country. »
André Coisne, Fondateur et CEO d'Humpact
André Coisne
FOUNDER OF humpact


Our role is to provide reliable social indicators to financial actors in order to assist them in their decision making.


Humpact seeks to have a positive impact on the improvement of the job situation in France and in Europe. We are convinced that, by promoting good company practices, combining return on investment and positive social impact is achievable.

Humpact, la finance au service de l'emploi

Finance for jobs

How Humpact can help you

Data subscription
& Fund creation

Our data can be used to create social funds, revitalize equity funds by strengthening the ‘S’ in ESG and facilitate social reporting.

Portfolio Audit & Impact measurement

We audit any share or investment portfolio and measure its social impact in France or Europe.

Engagement studies

Thematic studies (youth employment, gender equality, etc.), dialogue with companies and monitoring of progress made in 3-5 years.