Humpact, nos offres pour l'emploi en France
Humpact, nos offres pour l'emploi en France
Humpact, nos offres pour l'emploi en France
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Humpact on Bsmart
(Re)discover the interventions of André Coisne, co-founder of Humpact, on the main subjects about employment in France
Nos offres
Humpact launches its new European social database
After having developed its expertise on employment in France, Humpact extends its scope to European social data.
Nos offres
Launch of the Palatine France Sustainable Employment Fund
Palatine France Emploi Durable becomes the third fund whose stock selection is based on Humpact data.
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Finance for people

Humpact’s mission is to show that it is possible to combine economic success and just transition in France and Europe. We provide tools that investors need, whether institutional or individual, to understand the social impact of their investments.

Humpact is an innovative extra-financial rating (ESG) agency: it provides its clients with data, indicators, scores and impact measures on the contribution of the main listed companies to social issues in Europe and France.

Its ambition is to contribute to the resolution of national social problems such as the promotion of decent employment, the inclusion of young people into the labour market, the professional inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs), and gender parity, amongst others.

How Humpact can help you

Data subscription & Fund creation

Our data can be used to create social funds, revitalize equity funds by strengthening the ‘S’ in ESG and facilitate social reporting.

Portfolio Audit & Impact measurement

We audit any share or investment portfolio and measure its social impact in France or Europe.

Engagement studies

Thematic studies (youth employment, gender equality, etc.), dialogue with companies and monitoring of progress made in 3-5 years.


France jobs funds

Humpact identifies the companies with the most remarkable initiatives in terms of social impact and works in partnership with asset management companies wishing to create funds with a positive impact on employment in France.

Humpact clients making successful ESG progress

Discover the Humpact team

Various fields of expertise serving a common purpose: to encourage companies and investors to calculate their social footprint.

André Coisne
CEO, Founder

Hugues Franc
Co-founder and Business Development Director

Stéphane Laffont
Data and Scoring Project Manager

Stanislas Almeida

Béloya Peiffer
ESG Analyst

Gabriel Schultz
Data Scientist

Leïla Vincent
Communication & Marketing

Pierre Wu
Data Scientist

Julie Sansoucy
ESG Analyst

Anaïs Piat
ESG Analyst

Find out more about Humpact

Let’s discuss how we can help you to measure and calculate the social impact of your investments.